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November 2023 Newsletter Edition

What's New in Technology


We’re continuing to push out changes to make fixes and improve the efficiency of the system and our processes. We also pushed out improvements to the reporter portal and completed fixes for a number of high-priority items. Related to that, we’ve got a high-priority initiative underway to find ways to make our processes more efficient and to identify high value enhancements to the system to help with that. We’ll be making those enhancements over the next several months, stay tuned! As a reminder, we’ve rescheduled DEG’s cutover until early January based on a number of business factors. We’ve got focus on understanding their processes and adding enhancements to make that transition as smooth as possible.


We’re starting to begin walk-throughs and testing sessions with reporters on our new realtime module, integrated with StreamText, the last step before having it in full production and being used by our customers. The Northeast/Central LAT began an initiative to promote HusebyConnect as the primary remote deposition tool in October. As a result of that, the majority of remote depositions over the next 2 weeks have been scheduled on HusebyConnect—nicely done! We’ll implement that same approach with other LATs over the next couple of months with a goal of having the majority of all our remote jobs being scheduled for HusebyConnect by the end of the first quarter.


We made significant progress in migrating the DEG servers from their DC office to the Lunavi data center. That move will eliminate the exposures we’ve had with power and hardware issues in their office. We anticipate completing that move and having them live during the first week or so of December. The IT team also continues to replace old hardware. As a reminder, we have a list of everyone’s equipment and when it was first issued, and we’re working through that list focusing on the oldest gear first.

What's New in Operations

Process update: - up and active for subpoena and summons work. We are working on the exact process to make this easier for our sales team and clients. We have stream lined the billing process on this to increase our GP, and look forward to having this be a great year for this service.

Remote office update:

Closed down old Streski office in Charleston WV. We still have the fantastic Realtime office that is just a block from the office we closed down.

Reduced foot print in Wheeling WV office by over half. We still have two great conference rooms that we want to schedule out.

Case Management update: Q4 is off and running!

Donna Hoffman’s client Steptoe LLP, NY set up a new pharmaceutical case, Apotex Inc. v. Cellgene Corp.with a full boat of services! First four depos on calendar spanning to mid-December, with more to come in the new year!

Donna Hoffman also won a case from Skadden Arps, Chicago, Sun-Air of Scandinavia v. Jet Support Services, Inc., with another full boat of services! They’ve already set six depos on calendar, and we expect 30 in total! Donna is also working on getting Kirkland Ellis, Chicago, OC, to schedule with us as well. More to come on this great case!

Q4 brings us a heavy Tobacco trial season, and production is handling them all superbly – four to five trials happening simultaneously too! With AM/PM finals due every night on every trial, we’re looking at evenings with 10 finals going out! Chris Cook, 2nd shift manager, runs his team like a fine-tuned machine!

The West Coast teams are adding to the CM calendar as well with cases like Bobs LLC vs. Orange Coast Title Company, et al.from Robins Kaplan and City of Riverbank vs. Schneider Electric Buildings Americas from Deipenbrock Elkin, as well as a new Greene Broilet trial starting in November.

Last, but certainly not least, the CM department is handling its capacity well with the addition of Case Manager Nina DeAngelo. Not sure what we did before her😉

Now with LaToshia gone the Tobacco calendar is falling on the Case Management and Scheduling teams to get serviced. Thanks for the extra effort on this important group of clients.!!!

Support update: Big news in support with late job log automation coming online. This process helps us get the work in on time from our reporters, identifies any miscommunication between the reporter and production. It also helps lower the client communication while increasing service level they receive on all of their requests.

Video Update: Two really nice video edit jobs so far this month for about 4000k in GP

Production Update: This month (November) we have shipped over 1634 Jobs through the Salesforce system. That includes 313 Expedites. Great job 2nd shift making sure these get to the clients quickly.

Shantee Chappell is leading all production people with 147 jobs shipped through Salesforce. Thanks for leading the way Shantell!!!!

Salesforce Issue update: In November we identified 24 issues (In Production). Some critical most not. 5 of those items have already been resolved and tested. Currently we have a list of 302 issues in production that are on the list waiting on resolution.


Email Etiquette

Things to think about when sending email

  • Please send emails only to the group(s) that needs it. Only CC other groups when required – and use your best judgement on whether it’s required. Remember, if they are not going to do anything but read it, you have just spammed them. Spam slows down everyone and it takes time from away from assisting someone else, and your next email! 😊
  • Please put the order or work order number (and please specify if it’s the order or work order number) in the subject line, or a concise summary of the subject.
  • If the email applies to more than one group, please be specific and state clearly to which group each request is directed and what action you are expecting.
  • Please be specific about timelines – state clearly the time/date by which a response/request is needed, and please be mindful of the use of the word “Urgent!” If all emails are marked “Urgent”, then they will have to be answered solely in the order they were received.
  • Please be mindful of replying all – reply all only once to confirm receipt, then remove unnecessary people/groups for continued correspondence.
  • Please take the time to organize the request and send in one concise email, rather than sending a number of scattered emails.
  • Please be sure all pertinent information is contained in the email, such as order/work order numbers.
  • Please use an easily legible font.
  • Please be mindful of grammar and take the time to spellcheck.
  • Please be mindful of the standards of professionalism and use discretion with emojis when corresponding with clients. A good rule of👍: if they use them, then you can😉

What's New in Sales

Top Performing Sales Reps

Here are the top performing reps across the country for October.

Sales Rep % of Goal
Lauren Shaw 195%

Mark Poelzer


Lauren Ladenheim

Cindy Lengkong 133%

Lynette Reynolds


Julie Long


Jessica Hutto


Ana Carroll


Rob Nealey


Jimmy Singh


$200k Club

Here are the reps across the country that topped $200k in Gross Profit.

Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)

Lauren Shaw


Lauren Ladenheim


$100k Club

Here are the reps across the country that topped $100k in Gross Profit.

Sales Rep Gross Profit ($)
Cindy Lengkong $198,146
Jessica Hutto $186,332
Debra Neiderfer $127,312
Ana Carroll $118,283

What's New in HR/Admin

Welcome our new team members to Huseby!

Kelly Denton (Scheduling - Mid-Atlantic)


Below are team members no longer with Huseby.  We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

Erica Gimbel (Scheduling - Florida)

What’s New in Accounting/Finance/Billing

For a problem to be solved, a plan not only needs to be generated but also needs to be executed and executed well. As of mid-October, Huseby was faced with a significant billing backlog. A plan was created to reduce the backlog, but it was up to the team to execute the plan. Not only did the team execute the plan, they executed it so well as of last week the backlog was down 75%! This is a direct reflection of the cross-departmental collaboration between the billing, marketing and operations teams. 

The success seen so far is a testament to the hard work of the billing, marketing, and operations teams.


What's New in Digital/Remote Depositions

We added Olivia Grisch to the team.  Welcome Olivia!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Successfully obtained licensure in the state of TN
  2. Fulfilled positions in IL & CA
  3. Infrastructure development to the onboarding and hiring process for increased retention during 2024 expansion

Exciting Upcoming Projects:

  1. Gaining a foothold in key expansion areas (CA and IL) by preparing our newest members of the team
  2. Bootcamp December 4-8 to push coverage of trials in the start of 2024 and to position department for significant growth in key expansion states
  3. Creating documentation and processes for LAT leaders to be able to provide demos in their assigned territories (both internal and external)

    Excel Training Sessions

    Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool for both business and personal use. However, it can also be very intimidating, particularly if you are not accustomed to dealing with data on a regular basis. To help people become more fluent in excel, we will be running a few Excel workshops in mid/late December and early January. 

    We are going to start off with the very basics and work up to more powerful functions that will allow a user to manipulate and interpret data. 

    Some of the topics to be covered are:

    • Navigating Excel
    • Basic formulas
    • Formatting and charts
    • Tables
    • Pivot Tables
    • Lookups

    Jim Carver will be reaching out to the team leads to see if there are any topics in particular that should be covered specific to their department's needs.

    Be on the lookout for more information and dates!


    What's Happening Around Huseby

    Alex Gomez with Marco Neilly our RIC (Reporter in Charge).

    Marco is very well known in the Court Official world and has been such a help introducing Alex to key players and information to continue our success in Court coverage in California!

    Huseby sponsoring the Georgia Trial Lawyers (GTLA) New Lawyers Division happy hour!

    Jessica Hutto and Sarah MacDonnell representing Huseby well!

    Kudos image

    Lauren Ladenheim put in a Kudos for Kelly Denton

    You are so awesome, and I just want to tell you what a good job you are doing. You have really come in here and showed that you are so capable of doing anything that is asked of you, and I am looking forward to you being a part of the team. Thank you!!!!

    Kyle Hill put in a Kudos for the Support Team

    Big kudos to the support team from a client. (BELOW)

    Thank you to your team for the quick response on a Friday afternoon. :)

    Love it!

    From: Elena Jimenez 
    To: Kyle Hill , support 
    Cc: Johnny Bateman 
    Subject: RE: Working Copies EXPEDITE REQUEST Order# 00019846 Beck Slaby & Steve Smith 10/24/2023 Anthony Hampton vs. Portland Terminal Railroad Company et al.

    I would like to express my appreciation to the entire team for your prompt response. Your efficiency has been impressive and greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the great job!

    Thank you again.


    Jennifer Ruszala put in a Kudos for Emily Chapman

    Shoutout to Emily Chapman! She is always extremely friendly and responds promptly to us case managers with setting up our depositions that use HusebyConnect. She is a true gem and I love when I get a chance to work with her.

    Debra Neidefer in a Kudos for Team DEG

    Happy client!

    From: Camila Ringeling 
    To: Debra Neiderfer 
    Subject: RE: Job: 15155 Date: 11/1/2023 Deposition Confirmation

    Absolutely, let me know if I can do anything else to help and feel free to give my name if anyone wants to talk about the service. I have recommended DEG internally at Hausfeld and to at least one other plaintiff firm that asked.


    Lauren Ladenheim put in a Kudos for Michelle Holbrook

    Huge Kudos for Michelle - I do not send in enough for her. She has been working tirelessly to make sure that all our clients are taken care of, at the same time training and working on her SF team. This is just an example of how quickly she responds and can make “magic” happen.

    Thanks, Michelle!!!

    Dave Wiseman put in a Kudos for Pierre Kressmann and Billy Fahnert

    Huge shoutout to Pierre Kressmann and Billy Fahnert. Some serious musical chairs with Pierre and Billy stepping into depositions on the fly late on a Friday afternoon. They made a seamless transition without any issues raised by clients

    Debra Neiderfer put in a Kudos for Andy Mortensen

    Shout out to Andy!

    From: Michael Soyfer 
    To: Debra Neiderfer 
    Subject: Re: Wishing you and yours

    Thank you, Debra! The videos looked great, and Andy was a pleasure to work with. 

    I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!



    Quinn Emanuel