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September 2022 Newsletter Edition

Mark Visiting California

Connecting with team members and reporters

Mark made the trip to California in September to connect with team members on the sales and scheduling teams and to also get to know local reporters. A reception at City Club LA capped off a great visit!

Mingling with sales reps, schedulers and reporters.

Rudy Figueroa (Support team), Alex Gomez, Amanda Harris (Reporter Relations), Mark, James Gabriel (Scheduling)

Mark connecting with reporters. 

Neal VanAcker, Cindy Lengkong, Mark, Helene Mackey

Alex Gomez, Amanda Harris, Rudy Figueroa, Cindy Lengkong

Alex Gomez, Mark, Elizabeth Sanchez (CSR), Amanda Harris

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The Hartford Post News Clipping

Being unique to our clients

The sales team continues to find really unique ways to get the attention of clients and provide something memorable.  This month Sarah Cormier sent a news clipping to a client that resulted in jobs on calendar.  Super creative Sarah!

Reporter Newsletter

Huseby's New Quarterly Newsletter

Huseby's first ever court reporter newsletter, HusebyRecord, is out! Check it out by clicking on the link below!  Special thanks to Marilyn Fil and Taylor Boysen for spearheading the newsletter efforts.

Kudos image

Kudos from Lauren Ladenheim for Sean Phillips

You are a rockstar! Kudos to you. I am so relieved and can’t thank you enough. I know Christian will be so happy!!!

Many thanks,


From: Christian Whittington 
Subject: Landmark v. Vickery - Court Reporter Request

Hi there!

I apologize this is last minute, but we will need a court reporter only on Monday, September 12th for the deposition of Dr. Robert L. Perkel beginning at 1pm. The deposition will be held at the Dept. of Family & Community Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, 1015 Walnut Street, 4th Floor, Suite 401, Philadelphia, PA 19107. We will also need a remote link in case the attorneys are unable to travel due to the weather.

Thank you!


Lincoln Derr

Lauren Ladenheim put in a Kudo's for Aleata Rodriguez

Kudos for Aleata! I had a client stressing out because she forgot to add a videographer to a deposition for tomorrow, where her attorneys are flying from NC to CA for. In a matter of minutes, Aleata was on top of this and secured an in-person videographer. Great service, Aleata-WTG!

Liza Penner put in a Kudo's for Huseby Team

From: Justin B. Levine 

Subject: RE: BY ZOOM TODAY @ 4-4:30 PM - FW: SCHEDULED Zoom Meeting Notification: 2022-003283-CA-01

I wish every vendor was as rockstar as you guys.

Justin B. Levine, Partner

Cole, Scott & Kissane

Lauren Ladenheim put in a Kudo's for Linda Harper

Linda is such an asset to our team and is always available to help when needed.

Kudos to you, my friend!

Merideth Archibald put in a Kudo's for Judy Smith

Shout out to Judy Smith!! She is hands down one of the most helpful people in our organization and will absolutely go the extra mile to help you with whatever you need if she has the ability to do so. Asking clients to pay large bills is daunting as a salesperson but with Judy's help today I have the information I need to go into my conversation feeling organized and prepared. Thanks so much Judy!


Capitol City Trial Lawyer's Association

Benefitting the Sacramento Food Bank

Huseby was proud sponsors of the CAPITOL CITY TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION’s Fall reception benefitting the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. Our own Johnny Bateman & Robin Barca attended the festivities, and Johnny even won a silent auction bid for a weekend stay in Aptos, California!

Capitol city 1
Capitol city 2