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"You will not find a better court reporting company.” – Morgan & Morgan


“Huseby’s court reporters have continuously exceeded my expectations. I can’t say enough about their accuracy and dependability.” Werner Law


  “After using the service of your company for a large, multi-jurisdictional case, I must tell you how extremely pleased I am at the level of talent and technical expertise exhibited by your reporters and staff.”  Partner, Alston & Bird





About Huseby



Single Point of Contact


Your dedicated point-of contact is a trusted teammate who supports you and provides continuity throughout the complexity of ongoing and overlapping cases, handles the details and logistics, and provides solutions on-the-fly for challenges that you may or may not anticipate. 

They work alongside Huseby’s scheduling team to calendar, coordinate, and resource depositions specific to your standing order and location requirements. They can manage complex multi-party, multijurisdictional matters, including continuity of court reporter coverage.


"I have been a litigation paralegal for 21 years and during that time I have not experienced a more valuable support service than Huseby. They understand the pressures and time demands we are always under in litigation. To say Huseby is a crucial member of our litigation team would be an understatement."




Ease of Scheduling


Our schedulers are experts in your local market and we have teams of local schedulers across the country, ready to assist wherever your case takes you. 

We know time is a valuable asset, so scheduling is always what's most convenient for you. You can even drag-n-drop a notice online, or LiveChat with a local rep.       



"Huseby balances the needs and preferences of their clients with the services they need. Their personal knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication make scheduling effortless."



Specialized Court Reporters


Our trustworthy, exceptional reporters arrive well-prepared with word lists, notices, participant names, and case details - and are always ready to meet your deadlines. Our specialized reporters are well-versed in industry-specific terminology, and handle matters of strict confidentiality securely, and with great care. 


"I like to see exactly what the witness said – the exact words that they used – and the exact words that I used because I can’t really write it down when I’m asking questions. So, if I want to repeat the question using the exact words that I used and there is an evasive answer, Huseby’s realtime helps me do that."




Locally-Focused Support


We’ve got you covered across all 50 states. We carefully match your needs with specialized reporters and videographers who are local to you, who are knowledgeable about the local rules, local courts, and local industry landscape. 



"I have worked with Huseby for several years now and I can honestly say that I call upon them as much as I can. I have developed a true relationship with each Huseby Team member I have met and I know that each is truly invested in their respective jobs and care a lot about every customer’s happiness."



Expert Trial Services

Consider us a valuable part of your trial team. We have assisted top trial firms in securing over $4 billion in jury awards and favorable settlements. With an average of 18+ years experience for trial presentation hotseaters and graphic designers - including former litigators - our role is to blend in with your team, and provide you with the support and preparation that enables you to win.



Graphics, Timelines and Animations


Our seasoned litigation graphic consultants work directly with trial teams and recommend the most effective demonstratives - illustrations, timelines, animation - to bolster the arguments of your case. Pair testimony and arguments with graphics that tell the story how you want it to be told, leaving the jury with a unified, robust image that sticks.

"DEG [a Huseby company] is my go-to graphics and animation company. Professional, budget conscious, and great to work with. They know how to get things done."

- Sterne kessler



Trial Hotseaters


Our team of trial technology professionals has consulted on thousands of trials and can assist with all of your technology needs, before trial and in the courtroom.



"You and the DEG team were instrumental to this result. Thank you all for always being responsive, creative, diligent, and timely. I honestly can't imagine doing this case without you guys. It's been seamless."

- Kellogg Hansen





#1 Remote Deposition Platform



We asked clients across the country, "what is most important to you to have a seamless remote deposition experience?"  We listened! We put your feedback into action, and are excited to introduce our newly redesigned remote deposition platform, HusebyConnect!


Along with a new and improved user experience, here are a few things you can expect:
     ~  Fully Customize Your Presentation Experience with
          the Only Remote Deposition Application to Utilize TILES
     ~  NEW!! Integrated Voice-to-Text
     ~  Easily Upload and Manage Exhibits Pre-Deposition
     ~  Robust Live Exhibit Presentation Tools
     ~  Video & Audio Zoom Integration
     ~  Screen Sharing Tools



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HusebyConnect is the only remote deposition application to utilize tiles - allowing you to fully customize your presentation experience, by providing you the flexibility to personalize your screen layout. Add/Remove Tiles from Screen - The "Applications" button features checkboxes to add or remove tiles from view long with a new and improved user experience, here are a few things you can expect:      



Extend Application into Separate Window - Extend a tile to a separate window to take advantage of multiple monitors.
Responsive Resizable Tiles - When resizing, tiles are responsive. As an example , when resizing the Video tile, video will resize automatically to fit the window.
Add/Remove Tiles from Screen - The "Applications" button features checkboxes to add or remove tiles from view.



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Exhibit Presentation

HusebyConnect is the only tool that truly maintains the same process as paper exhibits – in a virtual space.  Exhibits can be presented, annotated, stamped confidential, and marked with a custom exhibit sticker. Once saved, exhibits will be sent directly to the Final Exhibits folder, for immediate access by reporter and counsel.      



     ~  Use Manage Exhibits Module to pre-load and organize exhibits
         and files pre-deposition
     ~  Create folders or drag-n-drop existing pre-populated folders into
         Manage Exhibits Module
     ~  Collaborate with colleagues by sharing pre-loaded exhibits with ease 
     ~  Mark with an exhibit sticker and publish into record




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