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Your Huseby Deposition "Hotseater"

Bringing trial presentation to your deposition.

What can you expect from your Huseby deposition hotseater?


  • Help determine the best screen configuration for your needs
  • Organize all exhibits
  • Set up private/shared folders for pre-depo prep and courtesy copies during
    event—your “digital bankers box”
  • Show all parties what to expect during depositions throughout your case
  • Dry run internally the night before to test the technology

During Deposition

  • Respond to verbal commands relating to exhibit display
  • Manage the exhibit folders (marked/potential)
  • Mark exhibits as presented and move to shared folder for courtesy copies
  • Provide witness with control of the document as requested
  • Save witness annotations to create a new exhibit


Other Benefits

  • Control and manage breakout rooms
  • Assist with any technical issues
  • Record exhibits being presented—providing the client with picture-in-picture
    video for trial



What else can you expect?



More Focused Presentation Tools

Your Huseby hotseater will respond to verbal commands relating to exhibit display. Your exhibit display options include:

  • Call-outs and highlighting key text or sections
  • Zooming in to focus on an important area
  • Comparing documents side-by-side
Huseby Hotseater
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Zoom resizing

Your Ideal Layout

Your Huseby hotseater will work with you on the ideal Zoom screen layout for an optimal viewing experience. This ideal layout allows you to drag the dividing line between the participant video feed and the exhibit panel to customize the size of each module at any point during your deposition.

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Optional Screen Configurations

Your Huseby hotseater will work with you to set-up your screen configuration to your personal preference for how you want to interact with the video, exhibits and realtime transcript feed. Your screen configurations allow you to take advantage of multiple screens, including tablets.

Screen Configurations
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Trial Ready Picture-in-Picture

Video of the witness and exhibits can be recorded separately and produced in a picture-in-picture format ready for use in trial, allowing you to focus attention on the witness in full-screen when an exhibit is not being shared, then move seamlessly to picture-in-picture view when an exhibit is on the screen.



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