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HusebyConnect - Common Questions for Remote Events:

"How do I access my exhibits post-deposition?"



Another common question when setting up remote events is "How do I access my final exhibits?" 

Here's how HusebyConnect simplifies post-deposition exhibit access:


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1.  When numbered with an exhibit sticker and published, exhibits are added automatically to your Final Exhibits folder.

    MON marked exhibits auto added to FE folder
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    MON present previously marked exhibits



    2.    Previously marked exhibits can be accessed and presented during your live even.

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      3.    Final exhibits are automatically provided to the court reporter.

        MON reporter final exhibits
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        5 23 23 campaign Download marked exhibits from FE folder



        4.    Post-deposition, download the final exhibits from your Repository.

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          ...AND BONUS!  Share final exhibits with others directly from your Repository. When shared, exhibits are sent as a secure link embedded in the body of the email and not as an attachment—so there is no limit on file size, and emails will not get flagged or caught in spam filters.

            5 23 23 campaign share final exhibits

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