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We at Huseby sure do!

Like with any newly launched mission, challenges arise. Huseby’s new ResourceCommunity portal is no exception. It took more than “Huseby, we’ve had a problem” for us to realize it wasn’t perfect when it was first released.

But…there’s more to a mission than the landing itself. Thanks to lots of key reporters across the country sharing what’s important to them such as turn-in and pay, Huseby has been working diligently to incorporate their feedback. After all, who knows more about an ideal reporter portal than those using it?

While still in progress, our state-of-the-art portal promises to be even more specially designed for reporters like you – something three generations of Huseby family court reporters can be proud of! So, shoot for the moon! We’re here for you and THANK YOU for ALL you do!

P.S. Remember, your feedback is always welcome! So, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts at




You’ve probably heard the familiar sound of a spaceship launch countdown: “5-4-3-2-1-0 booster ignition and liftoff!” 

Our mission is to offer a job solution with the right connection – namely HUSEBY’s Resource Community Portal.

You’ll soon be able to accept jobs, review job details, and view your calendar from anywhere you have a connection. You’ll even see case information, job notes, and uploaded files and have the ability to view payments and historical information. Our mission is almost complete. We appreciate your patience and continuous feedback as we aim for a “soft landing” in relaunching our new portal.

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(Video, PDF guides, and quick-reference animation continually being updated. Check back for updates!)


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