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Move over Oscar nominees. Make room for real star power. Here is an all-star cast of REAL court reporters:


Brad Benjamin


Bosch (TV Series) – Detective fiction drama based on Harry Bosch novel series.

With little surprise, Brad played the role of court reporter in the series– an occupation with which he is quite familiar. He said that it felt “like practicing for a speed exam than taking down live testimony” – only no one would see what he wrote.

Prior to this role, Brad was a film student in college. After graduation, Brad went to Hollywood. He worked for a prominent screenwriter who dictated the screenplay he was writing which Brad typed up in real-time. He soon learned about the court reporting field from a friend, who was a court security officer.

For Brad, court reporting offers more stability and better pay than Hollywood.



Stephanie Beauchamp

New Jersey

Tommy (TV Series) – American police procedural crime drama television series

Stephanie discovered the world of court reporting as an actor cast to play a courtroom stenographer on television. To fake the role for scene, she looked up how “this strange machine worked.”

She was cut from that scene and then cast the following week as a typist. She put those two experiences together, and then researched and pursued the field.

The freelance lifestyle in addition to selecting the kind of court reporting work she wants appeals to her.





Whitney Kumar


Judy Justice (Judge Judy) –Arbitration-based reality court show

Whitney’s opportunity to work on the show came from the producer reaching out to the Los Angelos County Court Reporters Association (LACCRA).

Whitney’s interest in court reporting started with her love of typing in a computer class she took in school. A classmate encouraged her to consider becoming a court reporter as did her uncle, a district attorney in Los Angeles. Whitney heeded their advice and convinced her twin sister (Kamryn) to as well. Together, they eventually founded their own successful agency.

Whitney says that court reporting is not “some boring job.” She has reported on high-profile cases in addition to the Emmy Award-winning television show.