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Presenting Exhibits Remotely: Top Depo Resources



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Simple Exhibit Tool: Makes exhibit sharing simple and easy. It is a great alternative to dropping files in Zoom chat, providing more security, a better viewing experience, and numbering capabilities. 

Advanced Exhibit Tool: Provides an interactive on-screen presentation experience, including exhibit sticker numbering, annotation tools, and keyword searching.


"Callout" the Focus of Exhibits: Elevate presentations with “callouts” to focus attention (see below) on key ideas. Multiple documents can be compared side-by-side and/or a video can be played alongside a document for comparison or clarification.


Maintain the Flow of Deposition: Key to a successful deposition is keeping control over the flow of the deposition. Huseby offers the ability to move through an exhibit in the background – and – strategically introduce current information at the right time that best supports the line of questioning.