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Court Reporting Services

Since 1928, the Huseby family has been consistently delivering a smooth and seamless court reporting experience - both in-person and remote. With local court reporters across the country, you can count on personalized, hands-on service - every time. Our mission is to provide you excellence in every interaction.

  • Interactive Realtime - Interactive real-time allows you to have instant access to a live transcript feed as it is being taken down by a highly skilled, and experienced real-time reporter.
  • Exhibit Management - Huseby’s revolutionary exhibit management tools allow you to electronically manage, present, annotate and mark exhibits during a deposition. Seamlessly manage hundreds, or even thousands, of exhibits at each deposition digitally and display in real-time.
  • Data Security - Huseby takes data security very seriously and has committed significant resources to ensure our clients have the most secure data and client information in the industry.
  • Video Solutions - Videoconferencing, HusebyConnect Web Conferencing, Video-to-Transcript Synchronization
  • Mobile Technology - Take advantage of Huseby’s mobile and online technology to simplify the way you access your work product. Our proprietary tools allow the flexibility 24/7 to access files wherever and whenever you need it from your laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Complex Litigation - Every case deserves top-line case management. Our case managers are ready to roll up their sleeves and work with you. What you get is dependable communication and reliable organization.


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Trial Support

Our team of trial technology professionals have consulted on thousands of trials and can assist you with all of your technology needs before trial and in the courtroom.

Pre-Trial Preparation

  • encode and synchronize media
  • scan exhibits and documentary evidence
  • upload materials for team review
  • review outlines/conduct dry runs with witnesses

Equipment Management

  • recommend war room/courtroom equipment
  • facilitate equipment rentals
  • coordinate setup and tear down
  • test hardware and software integrity

Courtroom and Trial Presentation Support

  • manage trial evidence
  • seamlessly display all trial materials
  • ensure smooth recall of evidence on-the-fly
  • collaborate on presentation of evidence






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Trial Demonstratives

Huseby's seasoned litigation graphic consultants work directly with trial teams and recommend the most effective demonstratives to bolster the arguments of your case.

Huseby offers a flat hourly rate for our Graphic and Animation services.

  • 2D graphics
  • animations
  • 3D modeling and printing
  • custom medical illustrations
  • video tutorials with voiceover
  • e-Briefs and interactive multimedia
  • legal video and photography


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AI Powered Deposition Summaries

We utilize patent-pending technology to produce industry-leading deposition summaries, delivered in an editable Microsoft Word format alongside the full transcript.


Page/Line Summary with 100% Accurate Page/Line Citations - The most detailed document, comprehensive of all information from beginning to end, in chronological order. 

Key Admissions Extraction - Key admissions are particularly useful for getting a quick yet thorough understanding of the key takeaways from the deposition.

Deposition Memos (Thematic Summary) - Offers a succinct and focused summary of the most important themes discussed throughout.

Hyperlinked to the Original Transcript - Facilitate human review with easy navigation links back and forth between the summary sections and the source dialogue.

We Safeguard Your Data:  Zero Data Retention, Secure Data Processing, Principle of Least Privilege, Data Encryption