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Presenting Exhibits Remotely? Huseby Has You Covered.

During the pandemic, when trials were postponed, we put our trial Hotseaters on depositions to provide clients a similar experience—and clients loved it! With professional trial software, and years of expertise, we've elevated the presentation of exhibits in depositions.

How the Hotseater can elevate your presentation:

Highlight key ideas, and use callouts to focus attention
Compare multiple documents side-by-side
Play video alongside a document for comparison or clarification

Here's what your colleagues are saying:

“Biggest benefit was being able to focus elsewhere, instead of fumbling with exhibits.”

“Smooth process and appreciated having someone else handling the exhibits, so I could focus on the questions.”

Without the distraction of presenting exhibits yourself you can stay more focused on your line of questioning—helping you to better establish relevancy, foundation, and authenticity!

To learn more, or to book a Hotseater demo or deposition, click here!

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Make Remote Depositions Easy on Your Witness

Clients are preferring more and more to take depositions remotely—and they want to make the experience as easy as possible for their witness.

Some of the challenges we hear witnesses encounter most often: struggling to download applications, receiving multiple links can be confusing, having limited ability to scroll through exhibits, and difficulty accessing courtesy copies. HusebyConnect solves what other platforms struggle with.

Here's how HusebyConnect makes remote depositions easy for your witness:

  • Browser-based—no downloads required
  • Only 1 link to join the audio, video, and view the exhibits
  • Scroll through the exhibit independently
  • Easy access to courtesy copies

Watch a quick 2-minute video to see the witness' experience -- Click Here!

To schedule a HusebyConnect demo, contact us today at (800) - 333 -2082 or by filling out or quick form!

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Common Questions Answered: Remote Events with Huseby

One of the most common questions when setting up remote events is "where will I find my remote event link?" and "what should I look for?" Here's how HusebyConnect simplifies keeping up with links and joining your event:

1. An automated email invitation from HusebyConnect to all parties includes your direct link into the event.

2. No need to manage multiple links for Zoom and Exhibits—HusebyConnect integrates both into one platform.

3. Witness or opposing counsel have direct links into the event, without the need to set up an account or worrying about logging in on the day of the event.

4. Email invitation includes a Calendar v-Cal, to add directly to your Outlook calendar. The calendar invitation includes a direct link into the event for all participants.

5. If an event is rescheduled, an updated invitation is automatically sent to all participants to update Outlook Calendars. No need to figure out which link to use to access the event.

As a bonus: Counsel can invite the witness directly from HusebyConnect. As an example: if they would prefer to not give out a witness' contact information.

To see these enhancements in action, and to learn more click here!

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