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Huseby Celebrates Y – O – U !

Celebrating court reporters and captioners is something we at Huseby are passionate about. So, it seems befitting that the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) would declare National Court Reporting & Captioning Week to promote and showcase the fields. Huseby applauds you each – and – every week!

Here are just some of the benefits of working with Huseby…

  • Huseby Online Portal – complete with setup & training
  • Full Onboarding (your W-9, direct deposit, formatting, and more!)
  • Competitive Weekly Pay (on both 0+1 and copies!)
  • Availability of Types of Jobs You Prefer
  • Rapid Response Scheduling, Production, Operations, I.T. , and Support
  • Client Communications – so you don’t have to!
  • Latest Tools, Technology, & Support in the Industry

Our Huseby team is here to help deliver the highest quality and service in the industry. In doing so, your feedback is always welcome!

Our mission is simple: “excellence in every interaction.”



Famous Reporter Question


Who was the first and most famous freelance court reporter? 

Hint #1: this person decided to become a court reporter after working as a law clerk delivering documents and running errands. 

Hint #2: mastered “that savage stenographic mystery” called the Gurney in three months instead of the normal three years. 

Do you know who this is?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER!




Huseby Implements New Reporter End-of-Day Follow-Up

Picture it. You’ve just completed an all-day expert deposition. All parties have presumptively agreed to regular final transcript turnaround times and you’re making the long drive home for a few moments of R&R, your favorite television show, and a much-awaited dinner. And then it happens. Your phone starts lighting up with emails from the parties of the deposition from that day. Requests of rough drafts as soon as possible, one party asks for a next-day final transcript the other needs it in two days. 

As you buckle down and get to work (forget the R&R), you realize you need to let the Production and Support Teams at Huseby know about the expedite requests.

We at Huseby just made that a whole lot easier – with our all new reporter end-of-day follow-up link.  Simply open the link, answer a few questions, and click submit. That’s it!

The questionnaire sends an alert to Production and Support ensuring they’re ready expecting the transcript and can get it out to the client as soon as possible ensuring Excellence in Every Interaction.

Click here to check out the new page. As always, contact us anytime with questions!