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    David Lew4

    David Lew (right)

    National Litigation Consultant

    No matter where David’s clients are located – Connecticut, Colorado, West Virginia, you name it – you can predict sunshine with plenty of topnotch national litigation support.

    Originally from Boston, David was a meteorologist at The Weather Channel for 15 years. (Insert your favorite weather joke here!) He then joined ADP as a small business implementation director. Six years later, David was recruited to the legal industry as a customer experience manager.

    Today, David partners with attorneys, law firms of all sizes, as well as State and Local Government. He makes it easy for clients to choose Huseby as their single source of comprehensive litigation support solutions.  

    David has been with Huseby four years and holds a degree in meteorology from Lyndon State University. He resides with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Shown above (from left): Rebecca (David’s wife of 20 years), Connor (17-year-old son, an Auburn University freshman), Carson (13-year-old son, a high school freshman this fall), and David.


    Kristian Hilberg 3

    Kristian Hilbert

    Scheduling East Coast Team Lead

    Her smile is contagious and her enthusiasm – “the breakfast of champions.” There’s just no substitute for the motivational energy generated by Kristian. Not only does she have lots to get done, but it all must be incredibly efficient and with little room for error. Reporters and law firms alike are counting on her.

    Kristian relates. She started her legal industry career as a coordinator of hearings at a law firm. She then moved into court reporting as a scheduler, a role that has given her great satisfaction during the past six years – thriving on the challenge of getting those tough jobs covered!

    When Kristian is not moving jobs along, she is keeping pace with her seven-year-old son, Taylor. His favorite activities are playing sports, visiting the park, and watching tv. Speaking of which, Kristian attributes the television show Law & Order to piquing her interest in learning more about court reporting.

    Kristian attended Southern New Hampshire University and Palm Beach State College.

    Shannon Mc Kelvey 3

    Shannon McKelvey

    Billing Specialist

    To many people Shannon has become the yardstick by which quality service is measured. Rapid response combined with a strong attention to detail, accuracy and timeliness are Shannon’s trademarks.

    Shannon strives to bill without delay which means Court Reporters are paid quicker. She is also adept at Accounts Receivable which works with Billing to bill and track invoice and payment activity. Prior to Billing and Accounts Receivable, Shannon had the dual roles of Collections Manager and Production Manager with a stint in Scheduling.

    Shannon is a credit to her father, an accountant who gave her “hands on” experience since she was 12 years old. In additional to her technical skills, one professional noted that Shannon “is always positive, happy and motivated which makes dealing with her very pleasant.” Shannon loves animals and appreciates nature. In fact, you’ll often find Shannon hiking with her husband.

    She holds a liberal arts degree from The University of Texas at Austin, and has worked in Montgomery, Alabama and is now in Dallas, Texas.