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A Court Reporter Portal that Works Almost as Hard as You Do

Simplify and streamline access to your online repository with Huseby’s ResourceCommunity Portal, a personal account that gives you the control and flexibility you need to manage your Huseby jobs.

With ResourceCommunity, you can personalize your profile, access your job submissions and messages, and view your account details from anywhere you have internet access. Security is ensured with state-of-the-art encryption technology, for the protection of the record when submitting transcripts and exhibits.

Plus, choose to accept or decline job invitations immediately upon your review of job details. Even better, view a listing of your scheduled jobs with options to download notices, exhibits, and other prep materials.

We know how busy reporters like you are. That’s why the job turn-in process has been simplified to save you time and reduce stress. It is also easier now than ever to access payment details!

Your ResourceCommunity is the future of online repositories, and it’s here at Huseby.

Be on the lookout for more details coming soon!


Huseby a history of court reporting timeline

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Huseby Celebrates 95 Years of Court Reporting Excellence



95 second challenge

To celebrate Huseby’s significant
milestone, Huseby is offering
The 95-Second Court Reporter Challenge.
Correctly answer each deposition
question within 95 seconds and your
name will be entered into a prize drawing!

Click HERE!

Exceptional Court Reporters like yourself have always been a core part of the Huseby team. In fact, Huseby got its start in June of 1928 when Genevieve Paulson became the first Huseby family member to become a certified court reporter.

95 years later, three generations of Huseby family Court Reporters have built a reputation in the legal community as the leader in deposition and litigation support solutions. Recently, the readers of The National Law Journal named Huseby as #1 nationally Court Reporting and Video depositions.

Huseby has never forgotten that the key to delivering outstanding client service comes down to the quality of its people and our reporters are a core part of our team. Many of the reporters working with us every day have been with us for decades – helping to provide “excellence in every interaction,” and giving clients so many reasons to choose Huseby – at both the national and local level.


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